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Earth Day Apian Blessings


April 2020 Join Michael Thiele and Laura Bee Ferguson in an Earth Day open discussion about the Blessings brought to us by our Apian Family.


Associazione Comunità di Etica Vivente

"During our time together at the Planet Within we co-created such a rich experience that we wish to share a touch of the "essence" of these moments through this video. Thanks to a shared field of love and light we were able to connect among us as a group and to our Planet Gaia on a deeper level. We now aim to reach out to you to keep nurturing this field together."

Beelieve in Nature

Trailer for a visionary documentary on the hopeful relationship between people, nature and the bees.

A film for the Restoration Epoch.

Film by Visionary Organics  

Bringing Home a Log Hive

How do we bring home a 7ft, 300 pound log hive? With teamwork, that's how!


Film by Laura Bee

with footage from Cheri Hammond, Keval Bliss, Kristina LeFever et al 

Will the Bees stay?

We moved the bees, but will they make the apiary their home?

Interesting macro footage  of the bees at their entrance.

Film by Laura Bee

Nasanov ya doin?


Catching and moving a persnickity swarm.

Watch the bees scent the air with their nasanov glands.

Film by Rory Finney

Preparing for Immersion

Water Priestess prays in preparation for cleansing immersion of the Melissae



Film by Rory Finney 

Why Should We Save the Honeybees and How?


Exploring the current state of the Honeybee and what we can do to help?

Featuring Laura Bee and College of the Melissae graduate, Dolly Warden


Film by "Immense Possibilites"

Dome Move

Working together like a hive of bees we move our bee dome, our first classroom, to a new location.



Film by Huxley Murphy 

Drum Wash

Using our drums we purify before we enter ceremony



Film by Rory Finney  

Devorah Sweetlove Moves In



Film by Laura Bee  

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