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Laura Bee

Founder, Director, Rahibe

Three Veils



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Steve Rogenstein

Rahip & Team Bee


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Rebecca A Robertson

First Rahibe

Team Bee

Founder: Mayan Women’s Melipona Honeybee Co-op

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The Etheric Medicine of the Sacred Bee

Rebecca A Robertson shares her deep, beautiful understanding of and connection to the sacred, etheric medicine of the bee and reminds us of the role the bee - and the bee hive - play in Gaia consciousness. She also describes an incident from early childhood, where she was swarmed on and stung by dozens of bees kept by her father, and how she later on came to realise that this was an early initiation onto the Bee Priestess Path. Rebecca talks passionately about goddesses that are specifically related to the bee and the huge impact Layne Redmond (author of "When Women Were Drummers") has had on her path. She also ventures into Mayan history and chats about her devotion to the unique Melipona bee and its significance for the Mayans.

Host: Emmi Mutale, Feminine Revered

Valerie Sollheim

Walking with Source: Intuitive Discovery with Valerie Solheim


"Hello, I’m Valerie Solheim, Ph.D., Jungian psychologist and goat hiking guide. My focus, for 40 years, has been on quieting my mind to attend to the Voices that guide me. I was guided to the bees and instructed to record them inside their hives, at designated times. I initially understood that the recorded inner hive frequencies, played back to other hives, would strengthen the hive. 


However, I learned these frequencies not only heal bees, but also, all sentient beings.  Overtime, as I listened, more healings and spiritual experiences occurred both from the recordings and from those who opened their hives to me. 


As for the goat hike guide, that too was taken up upon Voice instruction.  After five years, I’m still receiving gentle nudges and, some not so gentle, on how to better serve those who choose to follow my four goats and me into the forest.  "



Valerie will be teaching this course as part of our new, expanded Oracular Path Teachings.  Open to the Public.

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"Where there's a Bee, there's a Way."



The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites - Quantum Principles

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Photo by Nicole Combeau, Rites of Passage Project, 2021

Desiree lives in Harlem, New York with her sons, her husband, and her Smith Corona Electric ‘76 typewriter. She holds a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from the University of Maryland in College Park, and is currently pursuing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. 

Desiree Mwalimu-Banks
“Re-membering Herstory: Unveiling the Bee in the Sacred Feminine”
Desiree Mwalimu-Banks is a Zambian-born, East-Coast raised, artist, writer, curator, educator and diviner, and mother, whose work explores the collapse between the boundaries of art and life. She weaves together her passion for the narratives of women in the African Diaspora with visual art and global anthologies of the Sacred Feminine. Desiree's Tantric studies inspire and inform her creative practice. She investigates mysticism, the nature of human relationships, eroticism, and the politics of performance as inquiry into the complex identities of women of African descent in America.


She has partnered with several institutions on facilitating women’s wellness events, including the Manhattanville Purchase College Interfaith Studies Department, and The Caribbean Cultural Center. Desiree is also an ordained reverend who has served as both a marriage officiant and memorial facilitator in California and New York City. She studies the Isian Mysteries as part of her training for ordination as a Priestess of Isis, through a diasporal lineage of the Fellowship of Isis, in the United States. 


Her works can be seen in digital and print-based publications, including Heart & Soul, Sensheant, and Her article: Nectar of the Divine Feminine: The Ancient Bee Mothers of the Anahata Chakra was included in the publication of the 2018 anthology, Harmony In Chakras by Olivia Whiteman. 

Jen Marie


Team Bee



"I'm a sacred beekeeper and a devotee of Dionysus.  I am particularly interested in his presence within Minoan Crete, the Corycian cave of Delphi, and his involvement in the Eleusinian Mysteries.  I am a wife and mother, and my family and I live in Central Oregon in a region with deep agricultural roots.  We maintain a small farmette where I grow vegetables and medicinal herbs and keep chickens and goats.  


I grew up in Southern California in a small town among the Joshua Trees of the Mojave Desert.  After college, I began working around the country as an interpretive naturalist.  I taught visitors the human and natural history, geology, and ecology of the Northern Cascade Range, the Florida Everglades, and the Grand Canyon.  Eventually, my family and I landed here in Oregon.  I currently own and am the headteacher of a small, farm and nature-centered preschool.