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Sing song of Bee

Rahibe Laura East

In countless perfect hexagons

she feels warmth

She feels darkness

Her vision opens deep

and wide

it multiplies

Into the flowers she goes

Of ultraviolet light

All 5 Eyes

Includes a secret one


Feeling vibrations of the hive

she exists

In oneness


listen now

to the sacred songs

she HUMMS songs

with love

and heartache

songs of peace

and war

songs of birth

songs of loss

songs with increase

and of dearth

songs with drones

Tell us our story

Hummings and dancing

And waggling

And spinning

Imprinting into wax

All the way back

from the ancient ones

Her song never broken

She knows who she is

Where she must go

What she must do

Graced with her armor of protection

Her hairs

and her sting

Her 6 legs and 4 wings

she flys

her 12 antennae sections

She can sense




and taste

Taste with her tarsals claws?! Wow what fun!

She knows the song of sweetness,

Kissing flowers of the most giving kind

She shares selflessly

taking good care

Of her own kind.

~Blessed Bee~

Hive Moon Reflections as Melissa, Year I, College of the Melissae, March 2018

Edited 2020


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