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Come Home

We are calling back the Priestesses Those who sing the prayers of Seven Generations The Civilization Builders The Hands of Gaia Come Home The Moon Dancers The Oracles The ones who read reflections The cave-whisperers Water Carriers Spirit listeners Come Home Bone Dancers Maze Weavers Temple Builders Stone Rattlers Serpent Singers Ocean Riders Star Travelers

Animal Communicators Plant Devas Fungi networkers Tree Climbers Bird Whistlers Environmental Samurais Pollen Eaters

Dream Birthers

Flame Tenders

Water Witches

Womb Cleansers

Bear Warriors

Bee Women

Basket Carriers Hoe Holders Goat tenders Love-makers Baby birthers Seed Savers

Come Home Priestesses Gather together all that we know Let us serve the Collective We are the ones who bring things into balance. Come Home.

~Laura Bee


The College of the Melissae is open for Registration

for the 2020 Study Session


All Paintings by John William Waterhouse 1849-1917


The Magic Circle

The Danaids

Consulting the Oracle


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