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Summer Online Bee Workshops and Intensives

(photo by Leslie King, College of the Melissae; class of 2014)

We are happy to announce two online learning opportunities with the College of the Melissae; Center for Sacred Beekeeping.

To find out more please go to our webpage for course descriptions and to purchase courses >>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Summer Beekeeping Online Workshop Intensives will be offered individually or take both!

We will be starting with Evolutionary Beekeeping; a course on trends, ethics and theory about bee-Centric methodologies, risks and considerations. Review of Hive Styles and the work of the nation's leading alternative beekeepers. All will have an opportunity to discuss and explore these topics

The second six-week series will be an Intensive and will take the student deeper into our Human:Bee Relations. Focus on practicum, ethics, history/herstory, meditations, ceremony and animal communications.

AND MORE!!!! Check it out!

Class meets Thursdays, 5-7PM PST

Access will be granted through Password Protected Page on this website.

Recordings will be available through the website for review or viewing

Additional readings, audio and video will be provided via link through the webpage.

Needs for the course:

We will be teaching through Zoom and Google Docs. Familiarity with these platforms is helpful, but not essential.

For additional information: or through this webpage.

Purchase of both courses qualifies participant for a $500 discount for the 2019 Study Session of the College of the Melissae; Center for Sacred Beekeeping

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