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Make a Rose Bead Mala with the College of the Melissae

The Melissae gather together and make Malas out of rose petals.

A Mala is a necklace used to count prayers.

Rose petals are traditionally used for the Catholic Rosary (Rosary = prayer beads made of roses)

However, making Kyphi necklaces is part of a much older and widespread practice.

Kyphi is a compounded and consecrated incense made of fragrant plants and resins. Part of the process is to create a type of dough that dries and, when burned, releases the fragrance as incense.

When one makes a necklace out of these Sacred Plants they are imbuing them with scents associated with celestial forces. The Rose bead Mala, which is a type of Kyphi necklace, will exude the scent of roses for years to come. Roses are especially resonant with compassionate feminine energy and their scent, when used with your rose petal Mala will sweetly enhance your prayers.

Ancient priestesses would sometimes burn scented Kyphi Malas on a Sacred Fire to release prayers.

Here is one way to make Rose Bead Malas with a group. This method will take two days and people can bring home the drying beads at the end of your workshop.

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