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Findhorn, UK

Laura Ferguson & Corwin Bell

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Aug 5-11 in Forres Scotland

L810-1220 ($US $1044-1573) Includes all programme content,

7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

Embody sacred relationship with the Earth

and revel in communion with nature's greatest emissary, the Honeybee.

All of humanity is experiencing the effects of the Anthropocene Epoch,

an era marked by the impact of wanton civilization.

This has perhaps been a result, in part, from a deep

disconect from our Nature Family. It is well known that

Nature Experience heals and from those of us that work

intimately with the Bee have discovered an opportunity to be

restored and inspired toward the fulfillment of the grand work

of becoming Good Ancestors.

Yoga and other meditative techniques are widely known to help calm us and align us with enlightening aspects of ourselves and our community consciousness, working with the bee in a deliberate honorific way also becomes an embodiment practice when approached with conscious and reverent action.

Our workshop will offer beekeeping practices and methodologies developed in this vein.

Interacting with the bee brings our awareness into the archetypal practices of circular breath and intonation, the subtle and profound impact of perfume, the Dance of Pollen, the Dance of Venom, the glorious waggle Dance of Creation. When we work with the Honeybee we put our hands directly into the metaphor of community consciousness, sacrificial action, libraries of honey documenting the best of Earth's Offerings.

These profound Offerings of the Honeybee are being rediscovered from this intimate vantage point and are also illuminated by recent connections in history. Scholars such as Eva Crane and Hilda Ransome have given a historical overview, with the disconnect typical of their era. Layne Redmond (in her book "When Drummers Were Women") brought forth the wide-spread nature as well as deep and impactful importance of these Bee Priestess cultures, who were indeed at the forefront of modern medicine, agriculture, art and civilization's most revered humanitarian principles. All with the Honeybee as a major reference point!

Laura Bee, an explorer and historian, has been rediscovering important and universal threads in her work and has wonderful presentations with rich and memorable visuals. Offering a deeper look Laura Bee illuminates ancient myths and practices of sacred beekeepers through symbolic signposts generously left within grave goods, architecture, myth and metaphor. These exciting revelations are available to archetypally inform our developing legacy of nature-relationship and sciences. Laura Bee also shares heart-centred explorations into the Six-Fold Path of Sacred Beekeeping: Science, Sacred, History, Mystery, Art/Medicine and Activism as developed in her program the College of the Melissae; Center for Sacred Beekeeping.

"In sharing our collective history we are inspired to recreate the Mythos of our people, perhaps in greater alignment with the Super Consciousness of ourselves, our animal family and Gaia Herself."

~Laura Bee

Corwin Bell will inspire with demonstrations of practical, ethical and forward-thinking beekeeping methodologies and will guide us through hands-on experience of the art/craft/medicine of the hive.

Both will bring meditations, ceremony and sacred songs, team-building and leadership exercises, movement and consciousness shifting perspective.

This full spectrum approach, inspired by their visions of a holistic, bee-centric science tempered and celebrated with animal communication, art and other elements of the Beauty Path.

These technologies will restore and connect us in a fresh, grounded and sustainable way. Perhaps allowing us a moment of communion and co-creation for a new Paradigm.

L810-1220 ($US $1044-1573) Includes all programme content,

7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

August 5=11, 2017

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