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A Warrior's Rest/ Lions of Cebele

I am a Lion of Cebele I walk by Her side at the tips of her fingers by her side i walk The Long Walk The Long Training it took to earn my place by Her side Where I walk A Lion of Cebele

flank rippling coiling spring pads of my feet marked with the asterisk of tucked claws back swayed by the length of my stride

The strong Lion The strong Lion of Cebele

It is a time of Warrior's Rest the Journey to here has been taken Here, where I rest A Lion of Cebele resting at the tips of Her fingers by Her side I rest

The resting Lion The resting Lion of Cebele

Yellow eyes, Whiskers twitching, teeth peeking over dark lips listening sensing the secret sounds subtle scents the voices riding like whispers on the wind

The coiling Lion The coiling Lion of Cebele

It is a time of listening reading the landscape the roar curling and building in the broad chest of the lion-hearted

The roaring Lion The roaring Lion of Cebele

It is a time of courage building war drums of the heart steady beating resolve resolve resolve like a salve, a direction resolution, benediction

Courageous Lion Courageous Lion of Cebele

I was born to be a Lion, A Lion of Cebele The Lion that came to me in my vision and licked me with his sandpaper tongue from toes to nose naked like a baby that girl that was chosen to be a Lion of Cebele

Birthing Lion Birthing Lion of Cebele Chosen Lion of Cebele

We ...are the Lions of Cebele The Chosen Lions of Cebele The Pride of Lions of Cebele We are strong by Her side We are resting by Her side We are coiling by Her side We are roaring by Her side We are courageous by Her side We are birthing by Her side We are the Lions of Cebele

Cebele Kubileya/Kubeleya "Kubeleyan Mother", "Mountain Mother"; Kuvava; Kybele, Kybebe, Cebele

(Invocation of Cebele/A Warrior'sRest-Laura Bee)

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