Monarch Diaries

The monarchs came into my life the day I returned from teaching at Findhorn in Scotland.  Following an unspoken heart pull, I began to find caterpillars and eggs in the milkweed in my neighborhood.

The monarch has different energy than the bee.  The bee is all work, service, movement, and communication.  It is social and essential and feels the pull and pulse of everything all around it.  Sensitive, ambitious.  

The Monarch is so simple and slow and sweet.  The rapid growth and transformation take place in quiet moments, when no one is looking and each magical moment seems to simply happen with a gentle glowing energy.  More like the soft pull of the moon than the sun.

When the Monarch turns from a caterpillar to a chrysalis it literally becomes liquid, called imagicells.  From this alchemical self-discovery, the monarch recreates herself.  How lovely, to rest and eat your way to transformation! “

Laura Bee

Monarch Diaries Painting Series