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Monarch Diaries Series III

5x7acrylic, mixed media on canvas panel


This painting will look great in an oversized modern box frame or shadow box to enhance the architectual design elements.


This oversized whimsical caterpillar is entering her transformational phase.  At the most fragile interval of her life, she has found a spot to spin a spot of silk and connect herself to begin forming her Chrysalis.

This part of the caterpillars life is the most vulnerable  for as she creates her jade chrysilis she also self-dissolves into liquid called imagicells.


What a powerful moment in one's life.  The dissolution and the becoming.  Tbhe age old question: Does the caterpillar know it is to become a butterfly?


All proceeds will go toward Laura Bee's upcoming trip to Istanbul where she will present on the Sacred Bee at Apimondia: International Scientific Beekeeping Congress


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