6-week Introductory Seminar: Dive into the Studies for a six-week honey seminar!

Live Instruction; weekly online Zoom classroom (begins mid-July)

Sessions recorded, additional video, audio, and written offerings including

several chapters from Laura Bee's Book: Bee-Centric Apiculture

Topics Covered:

  1.  Introduction to the College of the Melissae perspective. Getting started with bees, hive styles and overview of Western and basic alternative methodologies.
  2. First Level Beekeeping and Bee-Caring: Methodologies, Bee-Centric Thought leaders,. Handouts include: What to ask your Queen Breeder, Inspection Protocols, Five-Senses Meditation
  3. Listening to the Bees: Animism, Animal Communication, Animal Encounter, Gaia Hypothesis
  4. Discovering Symbols, Part I:  With an anthropological approach, we discover cross-cultural similarities in Sacred Bee Symbols and Myth. Consideration of ethics of utilizing symbol systems, Body Wisdom, and history.
  5. Discovering Symbols, Part II:  Building culture in a river of history
  6. Tracking the Myth: Were the ancient oracles speaking for us today?  

Bees, Culture & Revolution (date to be determined)

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