A 10-moon online study and exploration of the Honey Bee as Teacher, and Healer and Guide.

 We enter these spacious and abundant realms to explore the mysteries of the honey comb with people from around the world, collectively turning toward the deep stewardship of Nature.

Live class sessions meet 2x/month. Student group meets on alternate weeks.

Experience the mystery at your own pace.​

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2021 Study Session

  • This two year program is offered online.  We meet 2x/month for two hours on Zoom. Student Group meets on alternate weeks. Course materials will be released on a private webpage in February, Live, online classes begin the second week of March.

    Course is taught by College of the Melissae Director Laura Bee with additional instructors making guest appearances. 

    Course includes several years of recorded treachings, downloadable printed material (including multiple chapters from Laura Bee's Book Bee-Centric Beekeeping), and curated links to related materials. Special pricing ($100) for the concurrent 2021 Speakers Series,  Bees, Dreams & Medicine, for all registered students.

    Course tracks include the Science, the Sacred, The History, The Mystery, The Art/Medicine and the Activism of human:bee relationship in the modern world.  We anchor ancient practices with practical application in an effort to bridge our culture back to Gaian Consciousness.

    For answers to oft asked questions please refer to the webpage 

    or write Laura Bee directly at laurafergusonabc@gmail.com


College of Melissae

Center for Sacred Beekeeping