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Veil VI: Service & Pilgrammage


Rahibe are invited to develop offerings for the community. This level does not have fees associated with it, but 40 hours of documented service are required for completion. Service can be personal, for the College or for the community. We request that personal and community offerings be documented and shared with our platform (in-house or for public, artists' choice!)

BONUS: Initiates are supported in their efforts by 4 hours of coaching and production support from Fliedermaushaus Media so initiate can gain confidence in video, google slides, e-book and website production.

Extra: Graduates in good standing may be invited into faculty for networking and business opportunities!

  • Self-designed : Opportunities to serve include BEE DEVOTIONAL, monthly WWWW Moon blessings, teaching course in-house, creating an event, community activism etc
  • Self-designed: Pilgrimage can include daily walking the 8 for # of days, traveling to sacred sites, journey work, attending a retreat etc
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