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Veil V; Shadow Study


This study will be available in special winter quarter.

  • Self-created work and initiation with coaching, reading and video assignments from the Rahibe.
  • Requirement: one or more of courses: re: studies in race relations, grief etc
  • Requirement: Shadow 101 (Course to be released Autumn ‘22) This exploration will discuss risk factors within leadership, oracular process and visioning. With a background in counseling and leadership training, the teachers of this course will be helping students identify their own leadership strengths and areas for improvement. With a coaching approach (not counseling) we encourage the student to find their own voice and vision and gain support for areas for improvement.
  • Shadow study also allows time for griefwork, introspection about social issues, processing time and space for the awareness that grows with love and enlightenment. We hold a dedicated online meeting space for this space for discussion and peer support.
  • Participants are witnessed in their process and supported in art expression.
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