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Veil IV: Basket Teachings


Rahibe & Melissae of 2022, contact Queen Bee for more information.

Also, keep an eye on your inbox for keys and codes to upcoming links, course and offerings!

  • Train in variety of priestess, activism, storytelling, myth, art activities
  • Monthly meetings, plus Bee Club, Bee Devotional
  • Basket teachings include rituals, songs, recipes, and practices. Each student will develop their own baskets and fill them with skills and present to Melissae in-house. The purpose is to develop the Priest/ess traditions of our six-fold Path.
  • Additional Requirement: Choose elective among additional courses or offer dedicated presentation in-house (for Honeycomb.)
  • Access to Honeycomb of presentations from past Melissae & Rahibe
  • Must have finished Veil I, II & III, Bees, Bears & Melissae
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