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​The Melissae

Rituals & Practices of the College of the Melissae
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The College of the Melissae priestesses and priests, students, and community have developed meaningful practices and rituals that honor the bee and our special relationships with Nature. Inspired by ancient Iatromantists (dream doctors), ancestral pagan cultures, and sacred experiences, we have created powerful ceremonies, rites of passage, and specialized rituals that celebrate the bee, ourselves, and each other.

We will describe certain protocols we use when working with bees, with the warm invitation that we all relate with these important teachers with the reverence they deserve.

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Laura Bee, Founding Director of the College of the Melissae, will share potent centering meditations, animal communication skills and stories, and hive-approach protocols.

Rebecca Ann Robertson, Rahibe (College alumna and leader), will share an honoring ceremony that was performed when a Melissa "Crossed the Veil" into the great void.

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