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Living With Bees

With Laura Bee

Each of the three modules will provide three months' worth of materials, including written, audio, hours of video, and ebook offerings. You will receive protocol and instructions on Bee-centric Apiculture, including but not limited to: perspective, bee-body, forage, environment, teachers & philosophy, tips, and methodologies of bee-centered relationship.

Animal ethics and Bee-body sovereignty are also considered during this course. Earth based and Indigenous philosophies are heavily referenced. We will also touch on introductory integration of additional sacred and initiatory studies.

What makes this course extra-special is the goal of deeper communion with, rather than management of, bees. Expect to learn deep things within yourself and the deeper gifts of our Apis family, a generous teacher indeed. .

Module I: Wax: Metamorphosis, Hive-Body, Festooning

Setting up, Hive Designs, Thought Leaders, Bee-Centricity, what to get, how to approach, helpful methodologies

Module II: Flight: Queen, Drone, Pollen

Meditations, tricks, tips, ethics, considerations, practice

Module III: Integration: Venom, Honey, Wax & Medicine

Hive products, deep dive, culture studies, forage planning, dearth, disease & varroa, animal communication

Offered sequentially

*BONUS* This course includes 6 months BEE CLUB *4th Tuesday of every month a $120 value



Wisdom Studies, Self-Initiated & Guided Priest/ess work, Animism & Oracular Studies

Six-Fold Path

Science, Sacred, History, Mystery, Art/Medicine, Activism

Six-Veils of Study


This study, developed over ten years, involves a deep development of personal wisdom starting with the Bee and opening into your own breadth of your imagination and personal development.

Each course builds on the last to develop a six-fold faceted understanding of this study. Inspired by ancient Temple Education systems and personal embodiment and earth practices, this practice has developed into a rich, multi-dimensional education. The Honeybee accompanies our journey as we step into a river of priestesses dedicating their hearts to nature, coming into a space of listening.


The honey-producing insects of the world, invite the human mind into a naturally oracular state. The thrumming mantra, nature immersion, timelessness, ultra-communal brainstem of bees, through biology, mystery and archetype, contribute to expansion of comprehension and creativity.

In societies throughout the world, we find bee-cultures rich with oracular mystery.

We find that Oracular studies help increase confidence, intuitive skills, healing abilities and inter-species communication.

The Melissae & Rahibe of the College of the Melissae share their Oracular knowledge with you.

Individual Courses

College of the Melissae

Six-Fold Sacred Path of the Honeybee                  

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