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Debra Roberts

I have been privileged to bear sacred witness to the birth and wild flowering of the College of the Melissae, Center for Sacred Beekeeping.

Laura Ferguson’s incredible Vision is clearly destined for these exact times. The College has (wo)manifested from a twinkle in her eye to a confluence of astonishing bee-loving people: teachers and stewards of breathtaking caliber and an awesome student body who harken from all over the world.


I know in my bee-loving DNA that the College is one of the great epicenters of holy bee good. For anyone feeling the Call, please take the opportunity to enliven your own profound connection with the honeybees by flying the College’s way.  Blessed be, blessed bees, blessed College of the Melissae."


Pollinator Project Rogue Valley

Pollinator Project Rogue Valley came together to promote the health of pollinators in our communities and beyond.

We are assessing the risks to pollinators, developing solutions to limit those risks, and advocating for policies and practices that will protect our diverse pollinators in the Rogue Valley.