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Grab a cup o' tea and kick back with Laura Bee

Honey Culture Radio

Thursdays 1-2 PST  live-streaming

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Savana's Salon

Laura bee talks about the start of the

college of the melissae

Honeybee History & Herstory; Pre-Historic to Our Collective Future

Let's take a swarm's eye view of the continuum of History & Herstory

of Sacred Beekeeping through the Ages.

  • Symbols and Myth

  • Sacred Archetype that lays the foundation for some of our most meaningful spiritual and governing principles,

Examination of this incredible story becomes especially vibrational when we compare the buzz of metaphor inherent in the study of the bee.



Symbols & Metaphors; New Ways of Seeing and Bee-ing

Honeybee Symbolism provides a rich tapestry for illumination of ancient and foundational spiritual principles.  

The metaphors delivered through Bee Myth and Mystery help us learn about our culture and ourselves

in a beautifully profound way.

Journey with Laura Bee across the landscape of Sacred Bee as we follow a map of images and concepts revealed through

  • history,

  • archaeology and

  • down home animal communication....




Beekeeping as an Embodiment Practice

Through Archetype, Sound, Medicine, Metaphor and Service, the Bee patiently and sumptuously delivers 

  • direct access to Nature Consciousness,

  • Animal Communication and

  • personal mystical comprehension and development.

  • Explore this beautiful language and the Honeybee's intersection with Humans.

Discover the space for yourself as we begin to unveil the profound significance of our inter-relations.

Get All Three

Explore the history and mystery of the Bee with Laura Bee

Online Lectures

Explore the history and mystery of the Bee with Laura Bee

Online Lectures

Average 2 hours

with rich visual imagery

$25 each

or all three for $60

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