Devotional Bee Club

Announcing Guest

K. Ruby Blume

June 20th, 12-3

$15-35 Sliding

Beekeeping with Alternative Hive Styles

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Held weekly in the Rogue Valley this Bee Club is a little different from the rest.


Following bee-centric philosophy we work with the bee and nature.

Scientific methodology is reviewed and explored.

We sit in guided meditation with the bees.

We inspect all the while asking for permission.

Art Projects .  Guest Teachers . Field Trips . Activism . 


Goal is gloveless, smoke-less and peaceful

bee loving bee keeping.


$10-25 sliding scale, 

Or you are welcome to help on the farm

for two hours in exchange for the class.

Work Exchange Day is Tuesday, weekly:

rsvp to:

Bring long sleeves, long pants, hair ties

snacks to share and water

Focused children welcome, no dogs

Please no perfumes or essential oils (incl shampoo/soap)

We are holding classes WEEKLY on Wednesdays

at the College of the Melissae's new farmette and apiary

Corner of Wagner Creek and Anderson Creek Roads

(first driveway on the right after Anderson Cr Rd.

Talent OR 97540.

Look for Bee club signs!


Weekly Classes on Wednesday

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Drop-ins welcome!