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2017 College of the Melissae

College of the Melissae

Online- 10 months of study- Live Instruction

Science, Sacred, History, Mystery, Art/Medicine & Activism

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On a Continent Near You!

Laura Bee's  2020 Schedule

 Natural Beekeeping Conference, January 2020 LA

Portland Urban Beekeepers May 6


New ONLINE 3 month mini-course

Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops

and speaking engagements!

Lectures & Audio

Grab a cup o' tea

and kick back with Laura Bee

Online Intensives:

Evolutionary Beekeeping

Sacred Beekeeping 

and new three-month course!

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College of the Melissae

The Spiritual discovery becomes a ballast, a sea change, an anchor, a strong wave. Movement and lift with a solid connection to what IS. 

College of Melissae

Center for Sacred Beekeeping