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Online Courses

These online courses are designed to give an overview of Beekeeping Practices, Trends, Ethics and Approach.

With the concepts of animal welfare, environmentalism and deep respect for the Honeybee and all pollinators, we will explore the many approaches to Natural Treatment methodologies, conscious protocols, and future-thinking.

2021 Study Session with the College of the Melissae

10-month, online program

Dedicated to studying the bees with a six-fold Sacred Path: Science, Sacred, History, Mystery, Art/Medicine, and Activism


Evolutionary Beekeeping

Evolutionary Beekeeping Short Course: as taught through the lens of a Bee-Centric philosophy with a thorough overview of current beekeeping philosophies, methodologies, and technologies.

  • Introduction to the Six-Fold Path as designed by the College of the Melissae: Science, Sacred, History, Mystery, Art-Medicine and Activism

  • Beekeeping methodology, troubleshooting and ethics

  • Learn about Alternative Hive Styles: Top Bar, Warre, Modified Langstroth, Tree-Hives, Bee Built comb

  • Bee-Centric Beekeeping philosophy and practice: The Bee IS One Body, how would they have us interact with them?

  • Treatment-Free Theory: Impacts, perceptions and potential

  • Forage as Beekeeping Essential: Considerations for forage development

  • Discussions on Sugar Feeds and recipes/essential oils

  • Activism: ideals, modalities, and ways to help

  • Introduction to (and promotion of) practices, discoveries and concepts developed by: Michael Thiele, Gunther Hauk, Jacqueline Freeman, Corwin Bell, Les Crowder and our own College of the Melissae: Six-Fold Sacred Path



Sacred Beekeeping Intensive

Sacred Beekeeping Intensive Short Course: Follow at your own pace

  • Introduction to the Six-Fold Path of Sacred Beekeeping: Science, Sacred, History, Mystery, Art/Medicine, Activism

  • Overview of Bee-Centric and Treatment-Free Philosophy and Practice

  • Meditative Techniques for Animal Communication

  • Dream Practice & Practicum

  • Ethics of Human: Bee Relationship

  • Ceremonial Explorations

  • Simple honoring Rituals

  • Introduction to Bee-Goddess Archetypes from around the world

  • Minoan And Anatolian Goddesses and the Incense Road

Sacred Beekeeping Intensive & Evolutionary Beekeeping

Register for these courses together and receive $200 discount on 2021 Tuition

Bees, Culture & Revolution

This online, 6-week live-seminar will be offered in a live classroom on Zoom with additional instructions and recordings.  Date TBD

Dive into the Studies for a six-week honey seminar!

Live Instruction; weekly online Zoom classroom

Sessions recorded, additional video, audio, and written offerings including

several chapters from Laura Bee's Book: Bee-Centric Apiculture

Topics Covered:

  1.  Introduction to the College of the Melissae perspective. Getting started with bees, hive styles, and overview of Western and basic alternative methodologies.

  2. First Level Beekeeping and Bee-Caring: Methodologies, Bee-Centric Thought leaders,. Handouts include: What to ask your Queen Breeder, Inspection Protocols, Five-Senses Meditation

  3. Listening to the Bees: Animism, Animal Communication, Animal Encounter, Gaia Hypothesis

  4. Discovering Symbols, Part I:  With an anthropological approach, we discover cross-cultural similarities in Sacred Bee Symbols and Myth. Consideration of ethics of utilizing symbol systems, Body Wisdom, and history.

  5. Discovering Symbols, Part II:  Building culture in a river of history

  6. Tracking the Myth: Were the ancient oracles speaking for us today?  

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