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You will receive

  • Downloadable and printable work pages

  • chapters from Laura Bee's Book:

The Melissae's Field Guide to

Bee-Centric Apiculture

  • Hours of additional supplemental videos,

  • Six 2-hour live-classes (recorded, if you miss it)

Some topics covered will include

  • Introduction to the Six-Fold Path as designed by the College of the Melissae: Science, Sacred, History, Mystery, Art-Medicine and Activism

  • Beekeeping methodology and ethics

  • Tracking & Troubleshooting Issues

  • Learn about Alternative Hive Styles: Top Bar, Warre, Modified Langstroth, Tree-Hives, Bee-built Comb

  • Animism, animal communication, symbols vs science, impact and perspective on history/herstory on human:bee relationship

  • Treatment-Free Theory: Impacts, perceptions and potential

  • Forage as Beekeeping Essential: Considerations for forage development

  • Bee-Centric Beekeeping philosophy and practice: The Bee IS One Body, how would they have us interact with them? 

  • Activism: ideals, modalities, and ways to help

  • Building Culture and Understanding the River of Symbols

  • Five Senses and Senses Beyond Senses Meditation

  • Tracking the Myth: Ancient Bee Goddesses: oracular mythologies: written just for today?


A Revolutionary, symbiotic approach to living with Bees.

Bee-Centricity is a new paradigm approach, guided by a commitment to tuning into the vibrant voice of the bee.


The concept of Bee-Centricity asks that we

  • stretch beyond the existing paradigm,

  • rigorously question current systems and thought paradigms,

  • go beyond science and chemically-addicted protocols and invasive methodologies and

  • seek answers from the bee.


We believe that the Bee is a sovereign and essential organism that deserves the emerging language of

Bee-centricity. In all of our protocols we always ask the question "what would the bee have us do?"

Weeks 1 & 2

Introduction to Bee-Centricity

Introduction to the

College of the Melissae

Tracking & Troubleshooting

How to Get Started

In Beekeeping

Little Sweet video with music from my son, the birds & bees

Beekeeping Basics

5 Senses
Questions to ask
queen breeder


Inspection Sheet


Introductions, perspectives, set up

Recording of Class 1


Bee-keeping &


Approach & Methodologies

Recording of Class 2

Flow Hive

Say No to the Flow


As a part of this course you are entitled to a mentorship session with Laura Bee


Tom Seeley


From Laura Bee's Book

The Melissae's Field Guide

to Bee-Centric Beekeeping


Bees in Trees

Podcast with Lynn Royce

Mites Grooming

watch how the bee

cleans off a mite


of Drones

Honey Culture Radio

with Laura Bee

Episode 5/28/15

Drone: the Beeloved Brother -
00:00 / 00:00

Feeding Bees

Les Crowder

Understanding the message of the bee

by Laura Bee

Published by

Findhorn Foundation



Honey Culture Radio

with Laura Bee

Episode 1/15/15

Mushroom Forage - Honey Culture Radio
00:00 / 00:00

Week 3 ~ Listening

Tomb of Ramose

Week 4 

Discovering Symbols 

Arch Wall with Curtain

Week 5

 Building Culture

Dry Soil

Week 6 

Tracking the Myth

Sunflower Field


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