The Melissae's Field Guide to

Bee-Centric Apiculture

a Sacred Approach 
by Laura Bee Ferguson
This book will provide both the basics of beekeeping and a vision of beekeeping with Bee-Centricity at its core.

Bee-Centricity trusts intimate exploration into questions or solutions arising from personal experience, dreams, intuition, and interpretation of time spent with the bee. Trusting one’s senses as instruments and interacting with the colony within a custom of mutual consent opens up the study of the bee in a meaningful way. 

Our methodologies and approach will always consider the needs, temperament and condition of the bees, and their environs.  We remain open to learning styles that may be influenced by the bees. We also are willing to explore this relationship creatively.  This book will carry this message throughout. 

Expect a comprehensive field guide about the bee and the things beekeepers face in working with this animal and within the human culture around apiculture. 

Be Inspired to meet your honey bees in a whole new way.
To Be Released
Summer 2020
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