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Inspired by the queen bee who calls forth the swarm with honey and hope, ten luminaries will share stories of how they have pushed boundaries, connected deeper with Nature, learned from ancestral wisdom, gained inspiration from within, and/or sought to affect systemic change.


From indigenous cultures to integrated psychedelia, from ecofeminism to environmental economics, together we will explore questions about mindful, meaningful living and how we can individually and collectively sprinkle honey and hope from our own hives to humans and non-humans far beyond.

April 7: Dr. Stefan Stângaciu from

April 21: Dr. Elsa María Cardona Santos from Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research 

May 19: The Melissae's World Bee Day Ceremony

June 16: Matthew Shepherd from Xerces Society

July 14: Max Dashu from Suppressed Histories Archive

September 15: Clare Dubois from TreeSisters

September 29: Starhawk from Earth Activist Training

October 20: Melanie Kirby from Zia Queenbees

November 17: Chiara Baldini from BOOM Festival

December 15: Hanifa Nayo Washington from Fireside Project

2021 Video Recordings Also Available


Sacred healing
Bee-centric science
Indigenous cultures
Art and more...


Full-Series (10) Subscription $160 (get 2 free)

6 Speakers $100 (save $20)

3 Speakers $55 (save $5)

1 Speaker $20

* Online webinar series via Zoom *

* Attendees of live talks get an opportunity to ask speakers questions *

* Video recordings will be available to view on-demand afterwards *

* All prices include service fees and sales tax *

* Tickets bought up to one hour in advance guarantee access to live talks *

Are you experiencing financial hardship? 

BIPoC: we value your presence and warmly welcome you into this community.

Contact us for a limited number of partial scholarships.


Dr. Stefan Stângaciu


Mysteries of Bees:
Intelligence, Communication, Medicine

Thursday, April 7, 12–2pm Pacific Time

The Melissae


World Bee Day Ceremony

Thursday, May 19, 12–2pm Pacific Time

Max Dashu

MD IreneYoungPortrait.png

Prophetic Women

Thursday, July 14, 12–2pm Pacific Time



A Revolution of Thought, Action and Community

Thursday, September 29, 12–2pm Pacific Time

Chiara Baldini

Chiara Baldini_edited.jpg

Her Share of Divine Madness: Women in the Ancient Rites of Dionysus

Thursday, November 17, 12–2pm Pacific Time

Dr. Elsa María Cardona Santos


Rewilding Nature and Society

Thursday, April 21, 12–2pm Pacific Time

Matthew Shepherd


Save the Bees!—But which Bees,
and How?

Thursday, June 16, 12–2pm Pacific Time

Clare Dubois


Inspiring Restoration and Feminine Leadership, One Tree at a Time

Thursday, September 15, 12–2pm Pacific Time

Melanie Kirby


Nurturing the Matriarchy: From Beescapes to Reciprocity

Thursday, October 20, 12–2pm Pacific Time

Hanifa Nayo Washington

Hanifa Nayo Washington_edited.jpg

Sacred Healing & Psychedelic Integration

Thursday, December 15, 12–2pm Pacific Time



Thursday, April 7
12–2pm Pacific Time

Dr. Stefan Stângaciu

Mysteries of Bees:
Intelligence, Communication, Medicine

Around the world honey bees are known for producing honey and for greening the planet through pollination. Less known is their ancient relationship with humans, dating back tens of thousands of years; their inherent intelligence and wisdom, passed down to those who “listen”; their contributions to medicine, whereby almost every byproduct of the hive—honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, even bee venom and beehive air—can be applied to humans to prevent or cure various illnesses (aka “apitherapy”); as well as a little understood, slightly controversial theory that bees can sense our “auras” and administer healing bee stings where needed.


Dr. Stefan Stângaciu, one of the world’s leading apitherapists, relays personal and professional stories of working with bees throughout his lifetime, during which he’s observed their behavior and developed theories about and practices surrounding their intelligence, communications, and medicine.

About Stefan

Stefan is a Romanian physician, focused primarily on apitherapy, a practice that uses bee products to heal numerous ailments. Renowned as one of the world’s foremost apitherapists, he has successfully treated thousands of patients throughout Europe, North America, and beyond. Stefan is President of the Romanian Apitherapy Society, Honorary President of the German Apitherapy Association, Secretary General of the International Federation of Apitherapy, founder of, author of apitherapy books, and a keynote speaker at many international conferences.

#1 (April 7)

Thursday, April 21
12–2pm Pacific Time

Dr. Elsa María Cardona Santos