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4th Tuesday of every month

1-3pm Pacific Time


si sapis, sis Apis


BEE-CLUB is a monthly online meeting that focuses on

bee-centric philosophy, methodology, and community.

DIY Demos & Give-Aways, Guest Lecturers, Tree-Hives

Bee-Centric Methodology & Approach, Looking at bees in a new way.

First Annual Laurel Awards!

Bee Club is FREE with the purchase of Bee-Centricity I


Subscription fees to support the

College of the Melissae scholarship fund.

Some scholarships are available. Contact Us


Feb 22: Notes & Discourse on Bee-Centric Philosophy

               Who's Who and What's Up

Mar 22: Preparations for Spring: Physical, Mental, Spiritual

              Wax Hive-Cloth DIY & Demo & Give-Away

Apr 26: Rebecca Robertson: Valledolid Melipona Project

              Bee-Centric Methodology & Approach

May 24: Reenvisioning the Queen Bee: Who is She?

June 28:  Reenvisioning the Drone

July 26: Guest Presenter: Bees in Europe

               Laura Bee's Bee-day Give-Away

August 23: Novel Activism

September 27: Tree Hives 

October 25:  Panel Discussion

    .                 Hive Autopsy

November 22: Crown of Laurel Awards & Give Away

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