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Bee Mystic NY

with Guilleume Gathereau and Laura Bee

Catskills: Calicoon NY

July 27-29 2018

Sacred Bee Retreat in the Catskills

Held at The Sanctuary in Calicoon NY,  June  2018

The Sacred Bee: History & Herstory

Mead Magick

Queen Blessing and Drone Blessing: Two Ceremonies taught to us by the Bees

Bee Meditation: exploration in sensory identity

Animal Communication...with a Super-Organism

Bee-Centricity: A beekeeping methodology based on communion

Embodiment Practices; to increase sensitivity and awareness

Liberating and Re-Wilding Apiculture

De-colonizing and Re-mapping our concepts of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine


$250 for workshop (food/lodging not included)

$40 two nights camping on-site at the Sanctuary


For information on work-scholarship 

For near-by grocery stores

Transportation Deets



Beelieve In Nature

Beelieve In Nature

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