Bee Mystic NY

with Guilleume Gathereau and Laura Bee

Catskills: Calicoon NY

July 27-29 2018

Sacred Bee Retreat in the Catskills

Held at The Sanctuary in Calicoon NY,  June  2018

The Sacred Bee: History & Herstory

Mead Magick

Queen Blessing and Drone Blessing: Two Ceremonies taught to us by the Bees

Bee Meditation: exploration in sensory identity

Animal Communication...with a Super-Organism

Bee-Centricity: A beekeeping methodology based on communion

Embodiment Practices; to increase sensitivity and awareness

Liberating and Re-Wilding Apiculture

De-colonizing and Re-mapping our concepts of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine


$250 for workshop (food/lodging not included)

$40 two nights camping on-site at the Sanctuary


For information on work-scholarship 

For near-by grocery stores

Transportation Deets



Communicating with Bees
Communicating with Bees

Laura Bee's article touches on the deep and accessible language of the Bees. She is honored to have it published by Findhorn UK and to be teaching a Sacred Beekeeping Symposium & Immersion August 2017 To Read the article >>

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Laura Bee
Laura Bee

Laura Bee is the Founder and Director of the College of the Melissae; Center for Sacred Beekeeping. She will be presenting her work on the Sacred Bee at Apimondia: International Apicultural Congress in Istanbul, Sept 29-Oct 4. For more about Laura Bee >>

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Guillaume Gauthereau
Guillaume Gauthereau

Guillaume will be hosting this event at The Sanctuary Healing Center on his property in the Catskills where he does in depth work with his clients, hosts workshops and cultivates the land for organic vegetable farming, plant medicine and honey bees. For more about Guillaume >>

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The Sanctuary in Calicoon NY
The Sanctuary in Calicoon NY

You are born perfect. You are pure Energy, Love & Light. You know how to heal. You have a healer shaman inside you. It's based on those fundamentals Truths that we have created The Sanctuary. A place to promote the healing & transformation of your mind, body & spirit. About the Sanctuary >>

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