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Our goals are to continually grow in voice and outreach, offering - as bees do - a collective understanding of the bee. We are creating teaching opportunities and events throughout the world to share our message, developing a temple-based education system that asks the student to delve deeply and find their integral contribution to this paradigm-shifting study.

New Classes
being created to
celebrate our 
10th Anniversary!
Stay tuned!


Through collective envisioning and a well-rounded course of studies, a thoroughly modern interpretation of the Practices of the Six-fold Sacred Path of the Honeybee is emerging.

This authentic and relevant Path is developing to serve the spiritual needs of both the

individual and the community.

The Study of the Bee brings us into direct communion with the Earth.


The courses offered are touchstones the Seeker may follow to create her own version of the Six-Fold Path of the Honeybee. Working together and sharing our discoveries we, like the Bee, bring the Honey of inspiration to our Hive and Ourselves.

Courses are offered entirely online

with opportunities for additional workshops, events, devotional live online programs, podcasts,

pilgrimages, and retreats.

New Scheduling will be released mid-December 2021

for the 2022 Study Session


The College of the Melissae is more than a beekeeping school.

We follow a Six-Fold Sacred Path, in other words we study the bee through:

Science, Sacred, History, Mystery, Art/Medicine and Activism.


We actively pursue the Science of beekeeping and question the current beekeeping culture and environment. In this way we catalyze a paradigm shift and create a conscious container for the honey bee and her allies to thrive. 




How does science serve the past, present, and future of beekeeping?


We study the Sacred of the Bee and recognize that at the end of Science is an infinite field of discovery that brings us deep inspiration and connection to the rules of Nature and principles of pollination, parthenogenesis and superorganism. 




What is Sacred and how do we demonstrate its value?


We examine the history of beekeeping and find ourselves continually spiraling to and from the Herstory. We recognize the Myths of the Sacred Bee cultures need to be explored and told in the voice of the pre-Appollon Oracle. We share these myths as a way to re-enculturate our people and follow the plethora of ancient Sacred Bee cultures throughout the world. 


How is our Herstory reflected, confined, and/or supported by our History? 


The Mystery is an individual path of personal and Divine Feminine empowerment and together we explore animal communication with the bee through dream-work and ritual practice. This is supported with symbol study, meditations and creation of foundational language. 




How do we authentically explore the Mysteries with modern relevance?


Art and Medicine flow one to the next. All arts are medicine and all medicine is art. This spectrum is enriched with the study of Science, Sacred, History, Mystery! Our program invites students to create temple arts to share at our Immersions. 




How does the Honey bee inspire us to live our art and beecome our own medicine?


Activism: That which we love, we protect. This program models and implements our spiritual fortitude through civic life. With the beauty and grace of initiated Priestesses, Warrioresses, Sisters and Artists, we learn to embody leadership by teaching, performing, sharing, and designing world change with the Sacred principles of the bee at the center. 


How do your individual gifts contribute to the greater good?

Some oft-asked Questions
The following is from our 2021 Study Session.
2022 will see a content evolution as we prepare to celebrate our 10th Anniversary

Answers to often asked questions:

The study program is offered ONLINE

with a live class in Zoom, twice per month.  Classes will be recorded for review.  Also 3 years of previous course recordings, over 1000 pgs of docs, and curated links and resources.


We have set up the school for a multitude of approaches and interests.  The six-fold path is layered, intentionally, to offer a river of symbols as we explore our relationship with Bees.  Each person's approach, needs, and exploration is self-initiated and the results of this work vary.  Our intention is to provide inspiration and focus within the work you already do.  Some people are scholars and create courses within the program, others apply the principles to their dance and ritual performances, some use the mysteries to get over the death of a loved one. In other words, you put in and receive what you forage. The Hive-Body of work of the College of the Melissae is here for you.


The other aspect of the school is that we have consistently seen the first-year student go through a paradigm shift, and the second-year students and Rahibe more able to integrate and teach to their own discoveries, again, all stages delivering as they wish to the student body.


Time specifics: We ask that all students come to as many of the Live-Class sessions as possible. There are two per month (2nd and 4th Tuesdays/mo Mar-Nov from 1-3 pm PST). There is also a bi-monthly community-led Hive-Mind meet that adds significantly to the experience. We recommend you read the material> printable pages of resource material, symbol studies, and meditations. This can be 30 pages or more./mo These would be the minimum requirements.  You can get into it as much as you like and come for as long as you wish!


Most students need two years to integrate the material. After the second year, you are invited to continue participating at subscription or teaching exchange. So ultimately this is a potential life path and community.  The expectations of completion are the ability to speak confidently on the sixfold path and to have participated in the basket teachings.


We have found that each Melissa comes with a full life, a deep curiosity, a sense of purpose, and a different set of skills and talents.  You create this work; the CoM is a library of ideas and resources, a community, and a path of discovery. Your voice adds to the hum of the Hive.


FEES: SINCE WE ARE RE-ENVISIONING THE COURSE WORK FOR 2022 WE ARE CHANGING OUR FEE SCHEDULES.  There will be many more options with a variety of price points and learning opportunities. we see our Tenth Anniversary year as a Swarm event! Watch us grow, join the Bee-volution!



First Year students will focus on paradigm shifting methodologies and historical reference points as well as developing their own symbolic structure with guidance from the Melissae.  Spending time with bees in observation and meditation supports the deeper work of Year II.

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Second Year students will develop and present a capstone to include one to three hours of instruction for the student body. In addition to documented discovery and passing the Science of Beekeeping test, Year II students will implement a public activism project and participate in Spring Immersion and Fall Initiation events.

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The course is taught ONLINE
The subjects are as follows
Beekeeping Basics: Finding Your Style

Overview of modern beekeeping practices, the study of bee biology, life cycle, biosphere, disease, and treatment. Explore many methods of beekeeping.  Strengthen observation skills and develop personal, informed beekeeping style. Work with a team. Develop an understanding of local environmental and legislative activity in support of bees. Work with bees in a consensual manner. Map your landscape; inner and outer. Students will be asked to bee aware of the Sacred within their experiences.

Human: Bee-ing

This course focuses on the teachings of the bee and how we may apply these teachings to our own life. Breathwork, meditation practices and other techniques to support greater understanding and alignment with the bees and Nature Herself, Dreamwork,

re-envisioning the Divine Masculine and sound healing are just a few of the topics explored in this course. Special attention is paid to the ways these ancient names and practices are entering the world bee-caring community.


Bee Culture & History

Essays and explorations into world bee culture and history. Additional readings will be delivered during this course. With an anthropological approach, will be asked to delve deeper into symbols, mythologies, and cultures presented through documented journey-work, additional research, and/or art and medicine creation. Special attention will be directed toward the archetypes and cultures of Cybele, Artemis, and the Melissae Path of Ancient Crete. Our focus is also on reinterpreting ancient, non-binary priest/ess-hood practices and bee-centric, or animistic languaging in a culture-building experiment. Envisioning a retelling of history from a herstorical point of view.

Symbol Studies

This course will take students deep into the symbols, practices, and myths connected to the honeybee. Through the study of the stories, ancient artifacts, and other remnants we will gain a deeper understanding of the mystical relationship between humans and the honeybee. Explore how we, as modern-day allies of the honeybee, might adapt and apply these ideals to our own lives.

Ceremonial Crafts

Create the Accoutrements (with some elements provided by the College) to develop a unique and refined ritual practice.

  • Kyphi, a ritualized ceremonial incense

  • Create your garment cords with a specialized weave

  • Sew ceremonial robe based on the Greek Chiton

  • Create offerings for Bees, Seeds, and Trees

  • Paint your bee homes with Symbols of the Sacred Bee

  • And more...


Activism is an important part of our work at the College of the Melissae. Students are encouraged to actively promote pollinator health in their community through education, political action and/or gardening. Artistic Offerings of any nature are encouraged. Each student is asked to create, implement, and document their own dream activism project over the course of two years.

Inspired by ancient Sacred Bee Cultures we focus on leadership and culture-change,

and preparing the way for a renewal of Sacred Animal Studies.



Advanced Beekeeping: Disease and Immune System of the Honeybee

An in-depth overview of diseases of the honeybee and

review articles on the complicated and fascinating Immune System of the Honeybee.


Reflections on Steiner

Steiner's essays on Bees are easily accessible for review.


Apis Arts

(with Pati Tozer and contributions from Tanisha Lopes & Brooke Nuckles-Gentekos)

Exploration of arts and crafts related to Sacred Beekeeping, both practical and spiritual. During monthly Apis Arts instruction, students will be encouraged to engage their creativity with arts and crafts lessons to help them better approach and integrate beekeeping. Each College of the Melissae Apis Arts lesson will include a make-it take-it arts & craft project, insights and lessons, resources, and inspiration.

Bee Priestess Journey

(with Nikiah Seeds and Nao Sims)

An introduction to connecting deeply with your personal guides and the consciousness of your hive. Students will learn about historical animist and priestess cultures, and how they relate to modern-day beekeeping. Students will learn how connecting through animal-communication or through grounding with your hive can make us more sensitive and observant beekeepers, as well as learning directly from the bees how to heal ourselves. Students will have the chance to discover what ways of connecting work best for them and how to journey to connect to their own Power Animals. Students will learn how to journey or connect with hive consciousness and work with their individual hives in this way. We will also focus on honing the five senses as a deeper way of connecting. This course will offer a framework, spiritual practice, and language for your work with the bees.

Second Year Module:

What is your Sacred Activism:? Perform 20 hours of service

Video Recording of your own evolution of idea/concept/work.  (video editing training included)

Delivery of Sacred Gifts 

Create & Deliver your Teaching

Create Sacred Garb

 Bee Sash & Chiton

Ritual Basket & Teachings

Water & Honey

Wax & Fire

Pollen & the 8

Mala & Perfume

Laurel & Kyphi

Veil & Bones


Ritual of the Veil

Many people fall completely in love with the bees
which is understandable
since the whole language of the species is one of perfume, love, and collaboration.
But there is more than the language,
there is also ...the song.      

                                   ~Laura Bee

Will you join in on this Journey and sing your Song with us?

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