College of the Melissae
Center for Sacred Beekeeping

The College of the Melissae offers
Summer Immersion Weekends
and a 2 year program in the Path of the Sacred Beekeeper
For information about the Summer Immersion Schedule:
Sacred Beekeeping Program 2014
February – October 2014 Online Curriculum includes:
Monthly cutting edge instruction for successful natural beekeeping.

Learn everything you need to know to Nurture your Hive successfully through the year-Naturally!   

Inspired by the ancient traditions of sacred beekeeping we will explore the deep mystery of these spiritual customs and savor the sweetness of ancient ritual bee practices. Cultivate your own personal relationship with nature's dearest pollinator; the Honeybee and celebrate your relationship with the Earth.

In-depth Learning!   Fundamentals and advanced beekeeping methodology and tips Bi-Monthly on-line Live Classroom

Monthly guest lectures from diverse faculty

Receive monthly supplemental instructional materials Interactive, seasonal Field Work Ethnographic, historical and mystical explorations of the human:bee relationship Learn about native pollinators and beekeepers from around the world Multiple learning styles served Join With Community! Access to an online student and faculty beekeeping group Build your dream activism Connect with natural beekeepers

Mentorship one-on-one with Laura Bee, Krista Holland and/or Les Crowder: by arrangement

Explore your sacred relationship to the Bee . . .

Foster the Bee to save the world — one ecosystem at a time — yours!

Protect the Bees! Nurture Your Local Ecosystem! Beekeeping is Revolutionary! Beekeeping is Fun, Sweet, Sticky and mysterious! Beekeeping is Nurturing Sacred Union with our Earth! Join us?


The College of the Melissae offers a community-centered hands-on approach to beekeeping science, art, craft, culture and ceremony. Modeled after ancient village-based temple educational systems, the college will offer a multi-faceted curriculum that will train students to become proficient beekeepers as well as develop the skills to provide action-based magic and leadership in these changing times.

We intend to go beyond current beekeeping practices by delving into the Sacred and developing a deep resonant interaction with Apis Mellifera. Through collective envisioning and prayer we will celebrate and strengthen community and learn from one of Nature’s greatest emissaries, the Mysterious Honey Bee.

Our Mission is spiritual, cultural and political as the Melissaes’ energy directs and defines itself.

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